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Terms and Conditions

Polite note if it does not sit on your lap, it’s luggage. Two small cases = one large case.

Child Seats

We do not supply child seats (cross contamination and safety issues) BUT WE CAN USE YOURS. Store them and bring them back for your return journey. There is no charge for this service, also all our vehicles have ISOfix seats x4.

Please make sure you read the confirmation text to make sure everything is ok because wrong return dates will be charged for, i.e. (take off times and landing times can sometimes be on different days. We track all flights but please bear in mind some flight numbers do land every day of the week)

We do not ask for a deposit on most Airports. Payment is by cash or card on the day. But some other journeys may require a deposit or full payment by bank transfer. If the event you are travelling to is cancelled for any reason (i.e. music festivals, horse racing or any other major organised event) a full refund will be given as long as we receive 24 hours notice.